Monday, May 23, 2011

May function # 3

May is, by far, the busiest month for us, but we love it!  Already this month we've taken a vacation to the beach, hosted a mothers day lunch, and just this past weekend had a little party for my mom's birthday.  (and we're not through with May events) 
As you know, our dinning room is in disarray, so I'm glad this was a family birthday party.  With walls taken down to the studs and a sheet acting as curtains, it's a room only suitable for one's family. 
No family birthday party would be complete without the banner that has been used for every birthday.  I really don't see how it's still in one piece!  

Hosting family members also means you don't have to be perfect.  Not that family doesn't deserve perfection, but when you don't have the time or energy to iron tablecloths or napkins, your family thinks they're just fine the way they are.  

So happy Birthday Mom a.k.a. GIGI (said with a French accent. ha!)
We love you!

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