Friday, May 27, 2011

Kitchen Renovation Rewind

We did an extensive renovation about 3 years ago on our home, which was built in 1939.  And get this, we were the second owners!  The house sat empty for a while before we bought it, which was very apparent.  It came complete with seafoam green wall-to-wall carpet, wood paneling (probably from a remodel during the 50's), and no central air & heat, just to name a few of the not so lovely details.  But, it also came with beautiful preserved, (thanks to the green carpet), original hardwood floors, 2 little phone nooks, beautiful doors with clear glass door knobs, and a history of love.
This was such an extensive remodel, that by no means could I or should I document it all in one post.  But, it is way overdue being documented.  Mainly because my husband, his father and his brother did 90% of the remodel themselves!
So, today I give you the kitchen.  This is the room that we called in the professionals for help.  Our friends Dave and Chad!  They were awesome, and really listened to our ideas and even had some great ideas of their own.  Truly master carpenters these two!
Before and during

 My temporary dish towel curtains


This sideboard was a last minute add on, and I really don't know what I would do without it.  It's extra storage below and serves as a bar for drinks, desserts, whatever!  Forgive the lack of styling in this picture.

This entire house is still a work in progress.  I'm even ready to change the light fixture in the kitchen, get a new fabric for the roman shade, and replace my counter tops with marble...but, I have to tell myself daily, "one step at a time, Allison."  (as my mind explodes from crazy inspiration on all over the interwebs!)

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