Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Estate Sale of the Century

Maybe, maybe not but it was pretty epic.  Even though I've never been to Graceland, I felt like this 7 bedroom house belonged as a wing of Graceland or as a next door neighbor.  It truly is a tourist attraction on it's own.  Well, before the aforementioned EPIC estate sale.
This wasn't just a normal run of the mill estate sale.  It was an actual auction!  I arrived late and they were already at the half way point.  I was so disappointed because the first room contained some of the most beautiful home furnishings I have ever seen.  The owners of this home have traveled the world collecting and curating the most unique collection I've ever seen.  
The main theme throughout the house was Spanish royalty with a little splash of vintage Palm Springs and a side of southern hospitality. Weird but oh so good.
There were 3 or 4 of these GIGANTIC sconces in the main living room.

Gold and red seemed to be a fav of the king of this castle.  Love the diamond tufting. 

Every lamp in this house was over sized. 

Ev-er-y Lamp (and light fixture) 

This is just one piece of a precious bedroom suite that included this chest of drawers, a dresser with mirror, a double bed, and two nightstands.  I would love to know the year and manufacturer of these pieces! 

Lots of Spanish Conquistador art 

Pics from the tricked out man cave 

Beautiful mirrors in the formal dining room 

Sorry for the bad pic of this crazy cool table.  How dare anyone place their coke can and styrofoam coffee cup on this tacky but glorious piece of art!

Oh, another thing... Most pieces had a match, like this chair, all of the lamps, every side table, etc.. Very symmetrical people.  

I wanted to buy more than I did, but I had to be realistic.  So, I bought these little vintage dutch wooden clogs...

A giant vintage sombrero (because that's so realistic, right?) 

This giant lamp because I wanted the lamp shade. I tried to get the matching lamp but some "lady" kept outbidding me!  

And last but not least, these chairs!!!  Don't ask me where I'm going to put them because I don't know yet.  Just congratulate me on scoring these for 25 bucks a piece! 

Such a great sale and a great first auction experience!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Another Installment of Picking with Allison (and David)

It's really hard for me to blog these days.  But when I get a chance to go to a flea market or estate sale, I feel compelled to share.  I snuck away Sunday afternoon with my best boo, David.  We didn't have the best luck, but here are some things that caught our eye.

These were in a pair, but I think just one would be great for a bookshelf.

A very cool class photo of a 1944 Army Air Forces candidate school.  I love this even more the longer I look at it.  

This is a great vintage kitchen sink that could be easily reglazed and installed.  It would be super cool as a bathroom sink. 

This was my favorite find of the day.  It was recovered from an old abandoned church.  I think it would look great in front of a fireplace along with a collection of other unique finds. 

Arg! Best coffee mug ever. 

David did the Darth Vader voice in every fan we passed.  

Dainty little ashtray with dainty little claw feet 

Who is this Gary character? 

Vintage water bottle. Love!

A pretty little hand bag modeled by David.

These little chenille covered chairs were the cutest! 

I've had my eye on this for a while and I'm convinced that it is mine, but no one is EVER in this booth for me to make a purchase! 

Love everything about this pillow

Ok, people.  If you have a place for this please go buy it.  Red lacquer and brass!!  Wait. Don't buy it because I'm going back for it! 

We saw this and immediately started singing "my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard." You're welcome for having that song stuck in your head now. 

David made the score of the day.  This nice little combo for 60 bucks!  

We only made it to two flea markets because I was getting severely hangry, but we made a plan to bring our nabs and Dr. Peppers next time so we could keep trucking! 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Get On Up!

Happy Birthday to my hubby!  We celebrated a little early this past weekend with our wonderful and wacky friends.  You know me, I love a place card. So, for Jeremy's big day, in association with Black History Month, I assigned everyone an iconic African American musician.  The assignment was for everyone to reenact their picture.

The birthday boy as the one and only James Brown 

Katy as the fabulous Diana Ross 

T as the funky George Clinton.  Notice the pizza stand prop for a space ship. 

Valley as the powerful Nina Simone

Mer as the fierce Tina Turner 

Terry as Ray Charles's twin brother!  Seriously! 

Jamie as the soulful Allen Toussaint 

Jamie's other half, Julia, couldn't make it.  She was supposed to be Billie Holiday, but I represented on her behalf.

Happy Birthday, Jeremy!  Here's to another year of good times!  I love you! 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mizz-zur-rah Mizz-zur-ree

How ever you pronounce it, we loaded the fam up last weekend, and headed to Missouri to visit Jeremy's Grandma.  Bless her heart, she's 95 and I don't think she heard a word we said all weekend, but I knew she was happy we were there.  
At one point I was going a little stir crazy because Grandma lives in "the middle of nowhere Missouri."  I'm talking house - cornfield - silo - house - wheat get the point.  I sent this picture below to my mom and sister from the bathroom with the caption "help me."  They thought it was real hilarious.  
But the boys were having a blast with their cousins and that's all that mattered.  They were having so much fun that we knew they'd never know if we slipped out for an afternoon to Cape Girardeau, which is a really neat town about 45 minutes away from Grandma's.  
First stop was lunch at Saffron Bistro, a fantastic Thai place!  It was soooo good.  I've got to remember to write a Yelp review! 

After lunch we had a little time to shop, and I'm so glad I picked Annie Laurie's Antiques as our first stop, because that's all we ended up having the time for.  This place was huge!  I was in complete heaven! 
I loved the sea of umbrellas when I walked in 

 Here are just a few of the treasures I found at Annie Laurie's 

Twas a good trip all and all, and it was so nice to see family we don't often get to see. Goodbye Missouri.  Until next time.