Friday, May 13, 2011

Back to Reality and Re-Renovation

Ok, since I will not be purchasing a pink sofa or marble counter tops any time soon, let's talk about what I do need to purchase soon.  Window treatments, artwork and possibly sconces.
As I mentioned before, we did a MAJOR renovation of our home about 3 years ago.  If you've ever done a major renovation, you know that when you're done you just want to take a break!  Well, we've had our break and now we're back at it. 
In our dining room were 5, floor-to-ceiling, very large windows.  They were very beautiful, but very old. We really should have taken them out when we did the rest of the house, but we thought they'd be salvageable.  Well, not long after the renovation, we realized that these windows were hopeless, but we were not about to do anything about it yet...we (my husband and his father) needed a break.  So, here we are.  The windows are gone :(  The two on the front of the house were replaced with new windows and we decided not to replace the other three, just leaving that a solid wall. 
Before 1st renovation:

After 1st renovation:

During 2nd renovation:

Check back in a few months for the after-after photo.
I will miss the beautiful morning sunlight shining in from my side windows, but that's ok.  I won't miss the high energy bill from 5 very large old windows. 

So, to cheer me up about losing my windows, let's talk about window treatments for the two new windows!
I'm going fabric shopping this weekend just to get a few ideas.  I'm usually so indecisive, and it takes me forever to choose something, but I've been telling myself not to doubt my instincts.  Hopefully I will listen to this advise and it won't take me a year to find fabric. 
I think (see, here I go) I want a greek key trim on the drapes.  Or do I want the tie backs to be made from a greek key trim?  Crap! 

Whatever fabric I choose I want it to be pretty neutral.  But don't worry, there will be plenty of color with the artwork that will go on the blank wall where the 3 windows were.  I don't know if it should be one large piece or several pieces, like a series.  Hopefully, I'll be able to commission something from my very talented artist big sis!
Since the wall is pretty large, I'm thinking sconces on each side of the artwork would look nice.  Here are some I've found from Restoration Hardware and Circa Lighting, but it would be great to find some vintage or antiques sconces! 

Maybe I should hit some garage sales or estate sales tomorrow morning before the farmers market.  Lord knows my child is up at 6am, therefore that means I am too.  Have a great weekend!

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