Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lesson learned

Well, folks.  I went back today to get the chairs that I saw at a flea market a few weeks ago and they were gone! But, even worse they just sold yesterday!  And even worse than that, I went to another flea market down the road and saw Very similar chairs for $100 more than the ones I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT!  (That's me yelling at myself).  So, needless to say, I learned a very big lesson.  Trust your instincts!
We did find some good stuff at the flea market down the street...
I talked my sister in to this.  A little polish or paint and a different fabric and you have a really cute vanity stool!  
These Ball jars were $17 a piece.  I don't know if that's good or not.  They were pretty large and would be the perfect size for a homemade sconce that someone suggested I make.  I know I can find them again, on eBay if nowhere around here, when I'm ready to make the sconces.
Ok, people.  Why is this pitcher $44.00?  It was beautiful and I loved it, but I don't know enough about vintage or antique things to know what/who this is.  
With a different paint job this would be pretty for a little girl's room.
With a great upholstered cushion this would be a statement piece for sure!
 Pretty iron gate...
 I should have gotten this hobnob vase.
I love this garden bench.  It was so beautiful!  I wouldn't change a thing about it!
 And this iron table... So pretty
I could think of at least 2 places in my house that I could use this bench.  All it needs is reupholstering.
Glasses!  there were so many dishes at this place, and I only bought 2 pieces!  Can you believe it?!
I bought that cute little blue glass on the 2nd shelf to use as a vase, and I also bought a milk glass vase.  
I found a vintage paint by number!!!  And I bought it for 30 bucks!  I'm so excited!
I Hung it above my son's crib for now.
I think it will look better in a "big boy" room over a twin bed, but we'll have to wait a year or so for that.  

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  1. I am sad that the chairs had gone bye-bye, but that paint-by-number is fantastic!