Monday, June 18, 2012

I've gone Craigslist Crazy!

Over the past two weeks I have just randomly checked Craigslist to see if I saw anything that I couldn't live without.  Twice I had moments of panic that I wasn't going to get these gems I happened upon.  But I totally scored!
First, I found two vintage twin beds in a small town about an hour away.  I'm going to have these sand blasted and painted a fun color.

Next, I found these beautiful and funky green chairs.  I'm sure I'll have them reupholstered one day, but they're in really good condition, so they're staying as is for now.

The beds will be the first to be redone as we're making one of them my two year old's big boy bed.  So stay tuned to see what color I choose.  Decisions decisions....

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