Thursday, May 31, 2012

This past weekend

I guess I better blog about this past weekend before the new one begins. It was a long and relaxing weekend that was much needed for the whole family.  It started Friday afternoon with pedicures with my sister who turned 30 on Saturday.  THIRTY!  That means I'll be 36 in a few months. Man, this decade of my life is flying by!  Anywho, we had a great time Saturday night at Babalu celebrating her 30 years of life.

Back up to Saturday morning, which was started at 6:30am.  My husband, 2 year old and I went by 2 garage sales and didn't really see anything of interest, or so I thought.  More on that in a second.  Then we made our way around town getting a haircut for AB (bribed with a sucker of course), picking up dirt for a backyard project, making a trip to the local flea market and then rounded the morning off at the farmers market.  
We got the sweetest blueberries that were gone before I could snap a picture, and our usual eggs and milk. Oh, and some wonderful local honey.  So good!  My egg guy was out of his famous Zinnias by the time we arrived, but he gave me this beautiful bouquet of his garden roses. 

We made a quick trip through the flea market.  Not my usual leisurely stroll because the boys were in tow, but it was still good for my soul.  This chest was super cute.

I purchased this little vanity stool to clean up and reupholster.

But what I really really really wanted were these chairs.  4 French bistro chairs.  I had to be logical though.  I have no place for them in our current home, and I already have so much that I'm just hoarding for the perfect place "one day".  Ahhhhh I really want these though... have I said that already? 

But the score of the day was for my husband.  After we were home from all of our errands, he mentioned that there was a nice bike at one of the garage sales we went to earlier that morning.  So he went back to the garage sale at noon in hopes of it still being there and it was!  He got a Lemond Buenos Aries road bike that originally retailed for $1,300.00 for $25.00!  

All it needs is a little TLC and we have a new bike to add to our collection! Boo-ya! 
I hope you all had a nice relaxing Memorial Day weekend.  I know this little dude did.


  1. oh my god i just bought a nishiki for $300 if you ever find a bike like that again buy it for me! peugeot please?