Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hoarding problems

I have to admit something.  I have been hoarding scraps of wrapping paper for years.  At least five years ago, Old Navy produced some of the prettiest, well made wrapping paper I've ever seen.  I bought tons of it, but I wish I would have bought more, because they've never sold it again.  Now I'm down to scraps.  Pieces not even large enough to wrap a shoe box, and I can't part with it.  I know I'm nuts, but I want you to see how beautiful this paper is.

But the addiction to wrapping paper didn't stop with the Old Navy variety.  I've had this sheet from a local gift wrapping store for about 4 years.

I found this cute, but thin, roll at Target recently for $1.

This next one is my favorite.  I found it at Anthropologie and I've actually put it to good use.  It's more of a thin construction paper texture and it was perfect for framing!

Maybe one day Old Navy will come out with another line of awesome wrapping paper.  Until then, I'll buy some special pieces here and there, and if you're lucky I may even use it to wrap a present for you! 


  1. i love all paper. check out paper source. their paper is gorgeous! not a bad thing to hoard in my personal opinion. =)-Susan Pace

  2. oooohhhh I love that site! Thanks, Susan!