Thursday, January 5, 2012

NYE 2011 Baybee!

We got wild! Ha, just kidding.  But, we did have a great time with great friends.  Foodie friends, I may add.   I'm glad I have foodie friends.  I'm also glad my husband is a great cook, so we can be a part of fun dinners like the one we had New Years Eve.  
We  Jeremy made the appetizers, and of course I forgot to take pictures of everything, but trust me it was delicious! He also made a white sangria that I hear was great.  Yeah, I'm preg-o, so no libations for me.
So let me walk you through the rest of our meal made by my very talented friends.
Our place settings were so elegant, and I love the place cards made by Ruby!
Valley made a green apple and fennel salad with shaved aged asagio and champagne vinaigrette. Jamie, our sommelier of the evening, paired this with a chenin blanc from the Loire Valley region. 
Then we moved on to Jamie's "melt in your mouth" parmesan souffles with prosciutto, chanterelle mushrooms and a white wine butter sauce. He served that with Roncier, a French burgundy wine.
Next was the main course, Scallops L'Orange, prepared by Valley. 
Seared scallops in a navel orange butter reduction with butternut 
squash and potato puree, paired with a gruner veltliner. Yes, that is a pacifier.  My wild child was running around the entire time, but he did surprisingly well and let us eat in peace (most of the time).

Last, but certainly not least was Valley's scrumptious dessert! 
Homemade fig mint ice cream with Giradelli dipped candied orange peels paired with some kind of liquor served in a gravy boat! Just kidding.  
Ahhh, that meal was da bomb.  I wish I could recreate it at least on a monthly basis.  Thank you, Jeremy, Jamie, Julia, Valley and Taylor!  Y'all helped give this pregnant girl a new years she won't soon forget!

Maybe next year we can party like rock stars like my friend Mimi and her husband did in Austin.  After seeing Mimi's pictures from New Years, it makes our party look like we were in a monastery! :) 

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