Monday, December 19, 2011

Merry Christmas! Now can I go take a nap?

I have been seriously slacking on this bloggy blog, but for good reason... I'm prego! The first trimester totally has zapped my energy.  I mean, it takes all I have to do a load of laundry. To try to be creative is a huge challenge, but I'm going to give it try tonight.
First, this was my pregnancy announcement for my family that I showed them the instant we found out I was pregnant, and I posted it on Facebook last week when we decided to "go public" with the news.
Get it?!
Through the fog of this first trimester I managed to decorate for Christmas.  It is our 22 month old's second Christmas, but his first to be excited about the lights and sparkle. This is our old faithful artificial tree that somehow keeps showing up every year, (because we never go buy a nice one in January like we say we will!) but it will do.

I have had real trees until the first year we were married.  Jeremy suffered through two years of dating me with real trees at Christmas time.  But because I love my "allergic to everything" husband more than I love a real tree, we will always have the artificial kind.  
The other Christmas decor I did for myself.  But with little energy, I didn't zush it up as much as I could have.  It makes me happy though.  

Oh, and don't get me started on a Christmas card.  Any glimmer of hope that one will get done shrinks by the day.  Maybe I'll get a New Years card out, but I'm not promising anything.  So, in case I don't, here is a picture that I would probably use.  
Merry Christmas to you!!

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