Tuesday, November 22, 2011

appreciating the unique beauty in the old

Are there buildings or old homes in your town that you've always driven by and admired for years?  There are so many in Jackson that I love, and I would love to have the time to drive around and just take photos of all of them.  Maybe I can do that one day, but for now we'll focus on this little Spanish tile roofed beauty.  I've loved this house forever and when I got the opportunity to go inside I was so excited!
Just the detail of the banister on the front steps make me swoon.
The large arched windows are absolutely beautiful!
Look at the stain glass in the front door.  So cool! 

Beautiful archways throughout the house 
Ok, some of you may look at this next picture and want to call in a wrecking crew immediately, but this is so New Orleans to me.  It's character! (although, they may want to do something about that mildew in the corner)
Glass door hardware detail
On my way out I noticed the bead board ceiling and more arch detail. Love!
So, as you can see I'm not a photographer, I'm not an architect, nor am I a historian, but I really want to discover other old historic homes around town, and I really want to learn the styles of each.  This will not be my last "old home" post! 

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