Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pretty things I don't need

I took a quick trip to the local flea market this past weekend, and found so many neat things, but none that I really needed. I know, when has that ever been an excuse for me to buy something, but I really reasoned with myself with every "find" I happened upon...
Like this darling red cart.  Where would I put this in my house?
Ok, I REALLY wanted this cake plate and cover.  But it only fits a certain size cake. But still, so cute!
These hourglass Tab glasses made me smile.  My mom used to drink Tab in the 80's.  
More really cute vintage glasses...

These little tea cups totally look like Kate Spade!
Loved these embroidered table runners

A spindle bed just like the one I saw a few months ago at a different flea market!  A friend of mine got the other one, so I'll have to tell her about this one.  Perfect matches for her two boys! 
This lamp was really cool.  It was like a gold mercury glass.  Just replace the shade and voila! 
Huge embroidered table cloth.   

I really wanted this vanity stool to do another DIY project, but they wanted $35 for it!  It was totally rusted and the cushion, although darling, would need to be replaced.
Beautiful refurbished chest of drawers!  I wish I had a place for this! 

This is a floor lamp made from old wood surveyors.  You know, they're yellow metal now.  Can't you see this in a West Elm catalog?

Here's another chest of drawers.  It's beautiful as is, but would also be really neat redone.
These antique French chairs were calling my name... Allison, please take us home and reupholster us with some of the fabric you're hoarding...
Another darling, but overpriced vanity stool
Update:  My husband just read this and said I should get the French chairs to reupholster for head chairs for our donning room table.  Yay!! 

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