Sunday, November 6, 2011

lift,tone and burn, baby!

When I first started Pure Barre, I was like you want me to do what what and what?  I am serious, if it weren't for the Groupon I bought for four visits, I may not have gone back.  But, I'm here to tell you after my second class I was hooked!  Yes, I was sore in places that I never even knew a muscle existed, but it was such a feeling of accomplishment. Now after almost 3 months of Pure Barre classes, my arms and butt are more toned, my abs are tightening up and I am full of energy! 

I love the instructors at Pure Barre Jackson!  They are so much fun and very very helpful.  They take time to (silently) correct your form during class, and to answer your questions after class, because they really want you to get the full effect of each exercise.  So, thank you to Heidi and all of the awesome instructors at Pure Barre Jackson!  Thanks to you, I'll always remember to keep my hips tucked! (or at least try to ;)
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