Monday, October 3, 2011

It's the little things

We had such a great weekend!  One of the highlights was the Town Creek Arts Festival at the Mississippi Museum of Art.  The minute we walked in I went in to major sensory overload!  First, we pass the graffiti wall with artists going to town!  Then we turn the corner and our good friends, The Strange Pilgrims, were playing the  most beautiful music while the Front Porch Dance were dancing in the open green space.  The Mississippi Children's Museum was there with such fun toys for the kiddo's, and there were arts and crafts everywhere!  
THEN...I got a little alone time and beelined it to the vendors.  Talk about sensory overload.  
I walked in to the booth of Kate Thomas of Little Things Studio.  In her little 10x10 tent was so much beautiful talent.  I just kept walking in circles trying to soak in everything.  
This is the print I bought

Go to her website here, and click on "Shop" to go to her etsy shop.  Hello Christmas presents!
Here are some other favorites, but really, I love them all!

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