Monday, September 26, 2011

Getting the creative juices flowing...

Ok people, I need you to put your imagination hats on and walk with me through my 90 mile per hour brain.  Today I'm dreaming of a super glam room.  Maybe it's just a nook, maybe it's part of a bigger picture.  Let's just see...
I'll start with the walls.  They are painted a fabulous dark blue gloss with detailed paneling and the ceilings are at least 12 feet tall. Have you got that in your brain?
The windows are floor to ceiling with this fabric for the curtains. They are full and hung from beautiful gold rods, swooshed back with layered gold chains.
Gold chains for swooshing...

These chairs flank each side of the window, but....
They're covered in this beautiful blue fabric.  Almost the same color as the walls.  Remember, imagination hats, people.

This fabric will make 2 large, down filled pillows for the chairs 

We'll anchor the room with this super glam rug 
Let's put this fabulous gold coffee table in the center of the rug, in front of the blue chairs
On the opposite wall, this large colorful painting will hang over the fireplace 

With this guy on the right side of the mantle 

On each side of the fire place, these beauties will offer extra seating

Now, if I could only get motivated and inspired about my own home! 

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