Monday, August 22, 2011

Back That Thing Up

Lawdy, we need to back up.  I have been seriously slacking on the blog. There are so many things I want to tell y'all about, so forgive me if this post seems a bit sporadic.  Maybe that should be the name of this blog, "A Bit Sporadic".
Did you know that you can grow luffa?  Well I didn't, so I was super impressed when I saw these at the farmer's market from Amorphous Gardens.  The more I think about it, it does make sense.  I mean where else would luffa come from?
Moving on to my latest flea market finds.  I just happened upon a little basket FULL of these vintage handkerchiefs for a dollar a piece!  I was freaking out going through all of them.  I'm thinking I'll use these as napkins for the next baby shower I host.  

In the same booth I found these beauties for $2 a piece!  The perfect vintage highball!  Love the pink pattern! 

I may be becoming obsessed with vintage paint by numbers, but when the lady said this was $3 I seriously had to contain my squeal.  

I really liked this vintage 7up cooler, but for $225 I thought I'd pass.  I think if you're a collector of such things then this is a great find, but I'll stick with my rolling cooler.  But, look at that handy dandy bottle opener on the front.  Very cool.  

Ok, I've made an executive decision to save the rest of my ramblings for another post.  So, stay tuned for  the topics of "baby" brother, neighborhood festival, wallpaper and much much more from my scrambled brain! 

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