Monday, May 30, 2011

A Mellow Memorial Day

It seems like we had a really busy weekend, just because we have to chase around a one year old, but it was actually pretty mellow.  Today, we went to my in-laws for lunch.  They live in a secluded, beautiful area about 30 miles away from us.  It really is like going on an adventure when we go to their house.  
Ables had so much fun exploring and smelling all the beautiful flowers.

Jeremy can't wait to take little man fishing when he's a little older.  He was trying to catch a fish today, but they weren't biting.

So we jumped on the Mule and rode around the lake to check out all the yummy fruit! 


Blueberries...they look like eyeballs now, but they'll be ripe soon!

Our own little vineyard of muscadines and scuppernongs!

Peaches are almost ready!

Lake view from the levee

We had to go see a tree that had fallen during a recent storm.

I picked up, from conversation, that this was really good firewood.  My husband was pumped that it was small enough that he wouldn't have to split.  
I think Ables had a blast!  He was passed out by the time we came out of the woods.  

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