Sunday, January 5, 2014

NYE with "The Get Along Gang"

Happy New Year!  Hope yours has started off great!  It already feels like New Years Eve was several weeks ago, so I thought I ought to blog about it before I forgot all the wonderful details of the night.  
Jeremy and I are so proud of all of our different groups of friends.  We are very fortunate to have long lasting relationships, and also new ones with people that make it feel like we've known them forever!
This New Years Eve was spent with our long time friends, whom we like to refer ourselves as, "The Get Along Gang", Jamie and Julia, Taylor and Valley, us, and our collective bunch of 6 kids (two each).
Jeremy, Valley, Jamie and Julia are our chefs and Taylor and I like to just high five and tell each other, "good job!"     

The food theme of the night was Asian.  I don't have much Asian inspired decor, so I just went with what I had.

There were plenty of libations, including bubbles and of course, Sake.

First, was delicious sushi made by Valley.  Very Impressive. 

Then, Jamie and Julia's AMAZING cabbage, watercress, and pine nut dumplings

Next were Valley's seared scallops with a seaweed, beet, and carrot salad.  Typing this has me craving this dish now!!   

Valley also made a very yummy (and spicy) grilled squid salad.

Next was Jeremy's Pho.  I'm so thankful that my husband made this, because it means I can have it more often!  So Good! 

And last but not least was Jamie's amazing dessert.  A ginger cake with lemon curd, whipped cream, and a raspberry compote.  Unbelievable y'all! 
Such a fun night with sweet friends to ring in the New Year!

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