Thursday, October 13, 2011

Packin Style: For the Young and the Old

I have so many talented friends and family members.  So many that it would be a crime not to feature them on my blog from time to time.  
So without further adieu, my first talented friend feature is seamstress, artist, and all around wonderful and cool person, Paige Holliday!  Paige makes the most adorable backpacks for preschoolers, and you can order them from her Etsy shop right HERE!

Have no fear ladies, because she also makes something just for us!  The most unique and beautiful purses and bracelets from canvas that she paints!  

 Oversized clutches are very in...

 Hold up wait a minute...a painted canvas backpack!  I love it! 

I am the proud owner of a few clutches and bracelets and I 
love them all!  
Paige sells her purses and bracelets at these local businesses:
-MS Craftsman Guild stores in Fondren & by the Reservoir
-MS Museum of Art store
-Lounge Interiors - Canton Mart Road
-Katherine's Fine Art - Ocean Springs, MS

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