Saturday, June 18, 2011

Market Goodies

Lots of good stuff at the farmers market today!  You really should go while the farmers are producing all this great stuff!  This is just a tiny example of what was there today.
The 1st 3 pictures are from Jonathan Picarsic and Sevanna McDaniel of Amorphous Gardens in Canton, MS. 
Note:  all of these pictures were taken with my camera phone, so they do not do any of the produce and flowers justice.  I swear!
I love the way they had their zinnias displayed!
 Beautiful Sunflowers!
No shortage of tomatoes here!  These are from Cooper Farms in Morton, MS.  This is where I buy my peaches.
Speaking of tomatoes, look at these beautiful heirloom tomatoes from the High Heeled Hippie!
I love the way she displays her produce in antique bowls and Pepsi crates.
If you're ever planning to buy plants one Saturday consider stopping by the market first.  This was one of several plant and flower vendors there today.  This is a nursery located near Raymond, MS on Hwy 18.  He has knockout roses, day lilies, lime light hydrangeas (beautiful!), and more!  
He said this is a double daylily named 42nd Street
Here's what we brought home... Peaches from Cooper Farms, Chantenay red core carrots from Amorphous Gardens, Corn and BBQ pork skins from vendors I didn't get the name of because I was too busy socializing.  :)  Oh! I got eggs from Ric Shaffer (the flower and peacock feather man from Vicksburg)  His eggs are the best!
Have a great father's day tomorrow! Even if you're not a father (or a mother), you have to love this!  Wurd. 

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