Monday, June 27, 2011

Colors of Nature

I know I post a lot about the farmers market, but y'all, it really is so awesome, especially during the summer.   We usually just make a quick run through just to get the great locally grown produce that is so abundant there.  As much as we are there for necessity, I also, just love to see all the beautiful colors!

Here's what I brought home...
Beautiful and HUGE Sunflowers from Butler Farms in Florence

Organic "Cossack Pineapple" Ground Cherries from Amorphous Gardens in Canton.  These things are like candy!

 Peaches from Cooper Farms in Morton
Beautiful Zinnias and Firework flowers from Ric Shaffer of Dolly Farms in Vicksburg. I love how he displays his flowers in tallboys.  I decided to keep the flowers in their tall boy container this week!
We also got peacock feathers from Ric for my husband to make some more flies.  Remember, Ric says his peacocks shed their feathers naturally.  
Speaking of Ric Shaffer, he gave me some great pictures of his farm in Vicksburg.  I think this is so cool to see the actual origin of the produce you're purchasing 
I'm thinking the next two pictures are some pretty sweet granddaughters posing with the prize winning monster cabbages!

 Seriously, look at the colors and amazing patterns of this bird!

So, with the feathers my husband made these...

 And with the peaches I made this...
Peache Brulee with Honey Creme Anglaise.  By the way, I'm not a cook, so I have more than a few friends in disbelief right now! 
Bon appetit! ha! 

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