Monday, May 16, 2011

Quick Weekend Update

This weekend wasn't too eventful, which was nice.  We were up early, as I predicted, so we all jumped in the car and went to a garage sale in the neighborhood.  Jeremy found The Beatles Abbey Road CD for $3, but I think I won the prize for best find...
This! for One Dollar! 
I'm going to use it outside to put plants on.  What color should I spray paint it?  My first instinct is pink, but I don't know. What is it with me and pink lately!  Weird. 
We made a quick dash in to the Farmers Market so I could get some flowers from Ric Schafer.  He still has the most beautiful dianthus and some snap dragons too.

He also has peacock feathers from his peacocks!  This guy has everything!
He said that the peacocks naturally shed their feathers.
Other goodies from Ric..

I also stopped by the Garden Mama's booth.  She was actually doing her radio show at the time, so I chatted with her husband, Dave and one of her friends.  They had some really beautiful plants for sale, but Dave and the friend totally sold me on the Night Blooming Jasmine.  They said it only blooms at night and it is the most beautiful fragrance I will ever smell.  We'll see.  Here is my plant 
And here is what it will look like when it grows and blooms
On the way out we saw these massive cabbages!!!  I've never seen anything like it.  I just stood there with my mouth open! 

There was a little boy there that was about 12 years old.  I could tell he was so proud of his cabbages.  I just wanted to buy one because he was so sweet.  Can you imagine bringing this home though?!  

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