Wednesday, May 4, 2011

All in the Family

As I get older I am appreciating different things.  Or maybe I've always appreciated these things such as, new blooms in the spring, the tiniest detail in a table setting, and good food, just to name a few.  I think it's just now I understand and cherish the reasons why I love all these things so much...My family!

This is my grandmother, Mary Dodd posing with her beautiful flowers {I know I will probably pose with my flowers one day.  Maybe sooner than later!} 

More of Mary Dodd's flowers
Her roses are always so beautiful! 

And since I was the bad sister and wasn't able to visit my grandmother on the last family visit, my sister got to bring these beauties home!   
My dad really has a green thumb also, and he has apparently handed it down to my 17 year old sister. {I have 3 sisters and a brother} She is also the chef of the family.  Gourmet chef, may I add!
Oh, and a pretty good photographer... 

Since I haven't been able to hop over to Louisiana lately to get a few photos of my grandmother, Lovie's blooming flowers, I will just leave you with a sweet picture of her taken last summer on her 91st birthday!

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