Sunday, April 1, 2012

A quick trip to the flea market, again.

I really wanted to go to a flea market about 40 miles south on Saturday, but time did not allow, so my sister and I ran down to the Flowood flea market.  This is a flea market that I go to fairly frequently, so I didn't go with high expectations of see anything "new", but oh ye of little faith.  
Look at this Be-Yoo-Te-Ful repurposed dresser! I'm not crazy about the distressed look, but the wood detail and the original hardware are great. I think it would make a great buffet.
Love this mirror.  I think I would paint it a truer white. 
Ok, if I had a little girl, I would have grabbed these.  Both for $15, and the frames were in great condition.
Cute little kelly green wicker nightstand.  Very Urban Outfitters. 
How cute would this pink phone be in a dorm room?!   So retro.  Ha! 
If there were 4 matching bar stools like either one of these, I think they would be perfect for a beach house or an outside patio. 
Love the lines on this retro formica chair 
I know one of you have a great wall for this beautiful architectural salvage arch!
This antique ice chest would be a great fixture for the patio this summer. 
This is a really neat collectible, a lunch tray from JPS.  Clean it up a little and it would be really neat as an accessory to your bar. 
I really tried to talk my sister in to buying this china cabinet/buffet/awesome retro piece of furniture for her dining room.  I think it was a steal at $260.   
 But, I think she was more smitten with this little piece. 
I did talk her in to this .  I guess it's an old frame painted solid white.  Just hung on a wall by itself will be a really great piece of art. 
But, the big purchase for Katy was the most awesome brass bar cart.  So awesome, that it will get it's own blog post later in the week.  

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